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Cheese, Berries and Crackers



Located in an historic 150-year-old building in the beautiful, cheese-making town of Monroe, Wisconsin, MINHAS KITCHEN WINE + SPIRITS + FOOD and the adjacent MINHAS WINE GARDEN are a dream come true for many people.


The Minhas family wanted to build a place that offers the absolute best experience and ambiance for people who travel from miles away and treat themselves to a daycation. In Monroe, visitors can take historical tours of the Minhas Brewery, Minhas Winery and Minhas Distillery; enjoy tastings, and shop our extensive selection of alcoholic products, branded apparel and other memorabilia, including cheese, hot sauces, accessories and decorations for your home bar – all at incredible prices. The prices offered are such that the shopping savings alone pay for the trip.

In other words, the family wanted to make the historic and quaint little Swiss-style city of Monroe the biggest tourist destination in southern Wisconsin and surrounding region.


We’re sure you’ll agree their dream came true - especially judging by the 30,000 or so people that travel specifically to Monroe for the Minhas Trifecta of brewery, distillery and Winery tours, gift shops, and, of course, the food served at MINHAS KITCHEN WINE + SPIRITS + FOOD.

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